I have given a lot of thought to what you wrote, and while trying to be amicable in my previous response, I think you should re-evaluate how you write as well because it can really hurt people’s feelings in a non-constructive way. If you think I should re-evaluate my writing tone, sure-- but it’s another thing to call me naive, young, and condescending + out-of-touch as a human being.

You made so many assumptions about my background or what I have or have not suffered and pitted this as some sort of oppression olympics for suffering. When this article is not directed toward people who don’t have disposable income and is an article in a publication about 'money making more money’-- a person just doing their best to survive cannot be asked to do more and was not the target audience. It’s not a crime to be happy with how far I’ve come and share how I made it in a non-traditional way, and women need more public examples of proud women who’re doing well in the world and do approach topics like personal finance.

“Prove it" in context means for people to make a plan, to actually budget and tabulate for real instead of joking about being rich one day. Does not apply to people who already budget. And tons of people do fall for marketing ploys and buy things they didn’t intend on buying, that’s the entire point of advertisements and Amazon’s UX. However, both of these things don’t apply to people without disposable income because of course they’re already budgeting and doing everything they can. If anything, my article is urging those with disposable income to live as minimalist lives as they can and utilize the same stratgies that poor people are unfortunately forced to do to save money.

I’m lucky to be able to live with my parents more recently to save money and acknolwedge not everyone is lucky enough to do so. However, the money I made I worked really hard to get, always taking gigs and focus groups and odd jobs like audio transcription in addition to my other job(s), and I do know how it feels to be exhausted-- even if I haven’t suffered as much as other people out there.

You really attacked my chatacter and misconstrued this article as attack against poor people. This article is not that and I’m not rich, I make less than average in comparison to SF residents but am lucky enough to be doing okay and trying to figure out how to go from okay to better.

This is not suffering olympics, and not everything is a personal attack. I hope you realize that your words can be really wounding, and your assumptions can put people down.

A gamedev, writer, and side project enthusiast. Sharing my life learnings and my perspective on the pursuit of the good life.

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