Hi there Arthur. I appreciate your perspective and your comment. My parents grew up with nothing as immigrants, and it's from them that I learned about extreme frugality-- because for them is what was necessary to survive, even forgoing meals like you do. In comparison to them, I'm much more lucky to be where I am now because they and others put me in a position to succeed. So I 100% have not suffered as much as a ton of people out there.

At the same time, this article is not an attack on poor people whatsoever-- that was never my intention nor target audience.

This article is for people who can save to do save what they can so that in the future, hopefully they can save as much as they can and be able to pursue what they're passionate about. You're obviously doing as much as you can already, so there's nothing anybody could ask of you to do more.

The article is for people who were in similar stances to me that "hey we're doing okay here but how do I get to more so later I can have the financial freedom to pursue what passion projects I want"

Anyway, thanks for your comment. I'll keep it in mind that it can be interpreted as condescending without intending to. My only intention here is to share tips that I did to save to help others, never putting anyone down.



Sharing my learnings in pursuit of "the good life". An adventure for self-determination and financial freedom through the lens of philosophy and game design.

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